Green energy & power resources

The best thing you can do to save money and curb climate change is to insulate your home and use more energy-efficient equipment. Reduce your emissions even more by supporting green and alternative energy in some of the following ways.

Purchasing green power

Rooftop solar power

For businesses: Geothermal power

For businesses: Combined heat and power

  • Paul Wilcox

    I’d like to see the City of Boston promote energy choice to residents. Besides NSTAR, you can purchase green power through Viridian. They’re cheaper than NSTAR’s Green 50 and 100 plans. Go to to learn more and sign up.

  • ET

    HOW you buy renewable energy is very important if you want to make a difference. I work for Mass Energy, a local consumer protection non-profit, and here’s an article we wrote on the subject:

    Most green suppliers, like Viridian, buy the bulk of their renewable energy from out-of-region, in places where the sale of that renewable energy does not cause new development.

    Mass Energy offers a green power program to MA and RI residents. We buy 100% Class 1 renewable energy on behalf of our members, and support projects right here in our state. 100%. We also have a value product that is 25% Class 1 and 75% low-impact hydro from Maine. Both aggressively develop renewables here, and your membership supports Mass Energy’s work to advocate for better energy policies in our state.

    You can make the switch here:

    Any questions about this, we are happy to help!

    Erin Taylor