Let Your Voice Be Heard!

ME020_posters_13-12-13_Page_1People are talking about sustainability all over Boston–and the City is listening!

Boston is updating its Climate Action Plan, which sets aggressive greenhouse gas reduction and climate preparedness goals. Your input is critical to making sure Boston has a good plan that will achieve the community’s goals and make Boston the greenest most prepared city in the country.

And here’s the best part: it has never been easier to share you ideas and provide feedback in a meaningful way in Boston. Our new virtual town hall for sustainability, Engage.GreenovateBoston.org, makes it easy as pie to share your ideas. You can also find a Greenovate Meet-up on a topic of your interest. These Meet-ups, hosted by our Greenovate Ambassadors, are a great way to dive into a topic that interests or concerns you. The Ambassadors will be reporting all feedback from the meeting back to the City on Engage.GreenovateBoston.org.

Check out the calendar below to find a Meet-up!