Residential composting, reuse & recycling

Everything you always wanted to know about reducing waste in the City of Boston (but were afraid to ask)!

Composting & Food Waste Reduction

Composting is the practice of turning your food scraps and organic waste into nutrient-rich soil, which can then be sold or used for gardening or farming. Here are some resources on composting in Boston:

Compost drop-off pilot at farmers' markets

Project Oscar

Backyard composting discounts

Indoor Composting

Garbage Disposal



Did you know? Over half of your waste can be recycled!

Curbside recycling: 1-6 unit households (click for more)

Recycling in housing with 7 or more units

Neighborhoods without space for blue bins

Commercial, business, and institutional recycling

Recycling plastic bags and electronics


Before you throw something out or even recycle it, think about how you can reuse it instead. Many Boston organizations could use that old desk or lamp, or you could even try to sell it online.

Reuse organizations in the greater Boston area